New Super League Rules Up the Ante for 2023

New Super League Rules Up the Ante for 2023

The Scape Australian Volleyball Super League brings elite volleyball action to Australian sporting venues, into family homes, and on to personal streaming devices when it launches this Saturday 12 August 2023 – with a twist!

Exciting new modifications to the rules and format will deliver an exciting and action-packed volleyball experience for new and existing fans alike, including the introduction of the momentum-shifting POWERPLAY that can be used by a team to grab the initiative at crucial moments in a set.

The POWERPLAY will give that team double points for their next three rallies, and can be activated any time in a set until a team has exceeded 11 points, once per set up to a maximum of three times per team per match. Just as important, though, is that both teams can be in POWERPLAY at the same time! A POWERPLAY just can’t be used to win a set.

Speaking of sets – during the home-or-away portion of the Scape Super League each game will be played with a compulsory FIVE SETS, with the winner of each set determined by the first to reach 18 POINTS. Both sets won and points won will be used in the overall rankings during the season to determine finalists – meaning that every single point, and every single set, counts and can potentially be the difference between a chance at the title or missing the finals series!

Each set won by a team gives them two competition ranking points, with a bonus point going to a team that wins by more than 20 aggregate match points or loses by less than ten aggregate match points.

Each Scape Super League matchday will now feature the Men’s and Women’s teams playing back-to-back on the same event ticket and broadcast. The new rules and format create a family-friendly evening that sits within a three-hour window, with no time-outs allowed and intervals between sets reduced to just two minutes.

The action will be non-stop, with athletes jumping higher, reacting faster, and spiking harder than ever before!

And you’ll be able to see every second of it in your local venue or LIVE and FREE on SBS On Demand or Cluch TV. Click here for a full break down of all the regulations.