Building on the natural strengths of the sport, the Australian Volleyball Super League will be a fast and exciting version of the game. Comprising of the best players in the country and a format that brings out their skills, engages the fans and creates a connection to our sport.

With more consequences more often, faster sets and more action, the Super League packages the traditional aspects of the game into a supercharged City versus City national competition played in venues that engage and entertain.

Built for audiences at the game and on Broadcast, this adrenaline-fuelled version of the game drives higher leaps, faster action and harder spikes morphing the game into a high-impact, highly competitive and fast-paced version of volleyball.

  • City versus City
  • Countries best players
  • Gender-equal Club competition
  • Broadcast rounds

The AVSL is a city-based licensee model creating consumer engagement within the geographical area. Designed to develop the commercialisation of the sport and appeal specifically to broadcasters. AVSL also has a participation layer with the introduction of the AVL as a second division and the Australian Club Championships.